On April 22, Pactics was pleased to welcome another high-level guest to its factory in Siem Reap:  U.S. Ambassador to Cambodia H.E. William E. Todd. Ambassador Todd was accompanied by Embassy Public Affairs Officer Mr. Jay Raman and Vice Consul Rachel Hines.  The visitors were welcomed by the factory’s General Manager Mr. Boris Ploum and Pactics Foundation Director Ms. Godie van de Paal.

Ambassador Todd toured the factory and met with workers making products for export to markets including the United States.  The Ambassador learned about Pactics’ progressive corporate social responsibility practices, which include above-market wages, safe and clean working conditions, helmets for a safe commute, and an on-site nursery for working mothers.  The factory also aims to be environmentally conscious, for instance through the use of natural light and biodiesel for the generator.

According to Ambassador Todd, “The U.S. Embassy in Cambodia works hard to encourage and increase awareness of corporate social responsibility practices, which are both good for the employees and good for business.  I am pleased to visit a company like Pactics, which demonstrates that it is possible to run a successful business while caring for employees and the environment.”


General Manager Boris Ploum explained that Pactics’ innovations may seem expensive but actually reduce costs in the long run.

According to Mr. Ploum,“Installing a water filtration system is a costly affair, but it has positive impact on our employee’s health and therefore also on their productivity.  Our sickness absence rate is below one percent.  And providing a nursery for young babies means that the mothers can come back to work much faster after giving birth than they otherwise would.”

Ambassador Todd explained he had been hoping to visit the factory for some time, noting that,

“Pactics is known as a leader in the field of corporate social responsibility.  I encourage other companies to follow their example.”

Please read the Ambassador’s blog: http://blogs.usembassy.gov/todd/corporate-social-responsibility-doing-good-is-good-for-business/