An Integrated Approach to Customer Service

At Pactics, we place great pride in providing high quality customer service to our partners, reaching well beyond the standards often anticipated in our industry. We achieve this by adopting what we have termed an ‘integrated approach’, in which the responsibility for quality customer service lies in the hands of not just our account managers, but every single member of our team. After all, the best results are not achieved by a collection of isolated departments, but instead by a cohesive team.

Each of our partners is matched with a dedicated Pactics account manager, who supports them through the development process right up until the production of their final product. We have people working in a variety of different time zones, which gives us the advantage of being available to our partners around the clock to handle urgent enquiries. Our team is also diverse in nature, allowing us not only the fun of an interesting working environment, but the ability to communicate with our partners in English, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, and Mandarin.


As well as supporting our partners, our account managers make it their job to have a clear and comprehensive understanding of every other team’s projects and priorities. Naturally this takes time and effort, but in turn means we can respond quickly and accurately to our partners’ requests. Clear and efficient communication is, in fact, crucial across the board. Our planning teams in Cambodia and China are, for example, in constant contact, working together to map out production schedules in each country, depending on product specifications and manufacturing deadlines.

Similarly our product development team is consistently researching, developing, and testing new fabrics, customisation techniques, and products. This ensures that we are always ahead of the curve and often enables us to pre-empt partners’ needs and questions, but only because of the clear communication stream between account managers and product development officers! Having a high level of in-house expertise also means we are able to offer our partners informed advice on materials and production techniques, so that they can make decisions which best fit their practical and branding needs.

As well as establishing efficient working relationships within Pactics, we also understand the importance of nurturing relationships with vendors. Our sourcing team curates strong relationships with our raw-materials suppliers, for example, so that when our partners need something unusual, customised, or simply at lightning speed, we are able to make that happen. This approach also allows us to access the best possible materials available, which is crucial in the production of high quality products.


Like most companies that deal with manufacturing, we have in place a set of standardised systems and procedures which help us ensure productivity, quality, and a stable work flow. We understand, however, that a flexible approach is crucial for our partners, and so never let our typical schedules prevent us from responding to special or unusual requests (eg. unusual fabrics, new decorative techniques, and so on.)

One of the ways in which we are able to remain flexible is by having two separate, specialised production facilities, one in Shanghai, China, and one in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Our Siem Reap factory is largely standardised, with team members all working on high-volume production that is planned weeks in advance. Production at our Shanghai factory is, however, designed to be able to react quickly to requests that may not come under the ‘every day’ umbrella.

Adhering to a strict code of social and environmental responsibility is another way in which we offer high quality customer service to our partners. Our partners value working with an organisation that commits to working ethically, and appreciate the care we take with supply chain management. We also offer full transparency, and even invite partners to visit our facilities to observe our processes for themselves.


Above all, we are only able to offer the best possible customer service when all aspects of our operations are running smoothly, and we can only ensure smooth operations when everyone at Pactics feels happy and motivated. By caring for our team members we not only live up to our values, but in addition build skilled and experienced teams able to produce excellent results and adapt quickly to changes.