In all aspects of Pactics’ work, we enjoy bringing people closer together. We believe that the best results are achieved through collaboration and reducing the distances between concept, production, and delivery. We pride ourselves on our team and its’ dedication to social and environmental responsibility, so it is always exciting to share our processes and the ideals behind them.

Presenting Pactics

On November 4th, 22 Dutch students and their teachers visited Pactics factory in Shanghai. This provided a great opportunity for them to experience our corporate environment and how Pactics’ works on both a small and large scale. They spent the day learning about labor laws in China, and the challenges we faced when we opened the Shanghai factory.

Pactics President Piet presenting to visitors

How Pactics Shanghai Works

Pactics’ president, Piet, gave a presentation to all the students, explaining and emphasizing corporate social responsibility in our supply chain. After the presentation, Piet took time for questions and comments from our visitors. The students definitely learned what sets Pactics apart from other corporations, and how the company, as a whole, run smoothly and successfully.

Our Commitment to Safety & Health

During the presentation, Piet showed many pictures of competing companies, many of which showed child labor and hazardous work conditions like dirty fire extinguishers. Many of the visiting students seemed shocked that this was still common practice in China. As a socially responsible company, Pactics does not participate in exploitation in any form. We were proud to say that our first priority is to provide a healthy and safe working environment for our wonderful and dedicated team members.

Dutch students visit Pactics in Shanghai

Entertaining Our Guests

After the presentation, students had a traditional Chinese style lunch in our canteen, and had the oppurtunity to practice using chopsticks. Later on in the afternoon, they were divided into three groups to take a tour of our Shanghai factory. They learned about the wide range of processes and people it takes to ensure the quality of a single piece of microfiber cloth. After the tour, the visiting students took photos with our Chinese interns. All in all, it was a very fun yet informative day for our guests. We look forward to sharing our vision with many more young people in the future.