Our Shanghai factory works diligently to create high-quality microfiber accessories and we have great appreciation for their work. So it only makes sense that we show our gratitude and give our employees some time to relax and unwind in a team setting.

Democracy & Shanghai Bumper Cars

This past week, our Shanghai employees took their recreation to a vote and decided how they wanted to spend their Sunday. After an exciting round of voting, the team settled on Happy Valley, a top-level amusement and theme park in Shanghai.

Snack-Packs & Sing-Alongs

To ensure that all our employees were well taken care of, Pactics prepared our famous Pactics Food Pack, stuffed with snacks and delicious food.

“The autumn sky is clear and the air is crisp. We started our one-day tour to Happy Valley at 8:00 in the morning with big smiles all around. The bus was full of cheers and songs, and the journey to Happy Valley flew by.”

Employees streamed into the theme park in such orderly fashion, but as soon as they were through the gates they started their whirlwind tour!

They enjoyed everything from roller-coasters to terrifying free-fall drop rides – and they didn’t stop until the day was through! Some of the team spent time with their children watching shows and sing-alongs, while others didn’t even stop for a lunch break. Time seems to pass quickly when you’re having fun, so the day was over before we knew it, and everyone was left looking forward to the next team excursion.

Pactics’ Commitment to Clients & Employees

Pactics is committed to being responsible, responsive and supportive – not only for our clients but also for our employees. We are constantly striving to provide a healthy and safe working environment for our employees while we manage both small, bespoke productions and high volume manufacturing. Seeing the beaming, happy faces of our Shanghai team reminded us why we, at Pactics, have such pride in our work.